5 things to do this weekend: 18 - 20 August

5 things to do this weekend: 18 - 20 August

Light up your life

Text: Clara Tan

Image: Marc Tan,
The Arts House

Check out the Indignation Queer Films Festival, go on a scented experience with Aesop and find out more about Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong through intimate photographs

FILM | Front Cover: Indignation Queer Films Festival Opening 
Catch Hong Kong-based director Ray Yeung's award-winning film, Front Cover, to commerate the return of Indignation Queer Films. Starring leading stars Jake Choi and James Chen, follow the love story of two young men as they confront their feelings on race and sexuality.

18 August, 8pm to 11pm at The Projector. 

FESTIVAL | Nostos: Records of the Self
Go on a nostalgic journey with Aesop as they partner with this year's edition of the Singapore Night Festival in a first exhibition of its kind. Navigate through a space infused with specially curated scents generated by the heating of essential oils under light. Accompanied by atmospheric music and visuals, experience how the presence of smell triggers your memory. 
Aesop x Singapore Night Festival Till 26 August, 10am to 12am at National Museum of Singapore. 

ART | Light within Ink 
Acclaimed Singaporean photographer Chua Soo Bin documents the life of late Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong through 50 intimate portraits. Shot between the mid '80s to late 2000s, be the first to catch some of Wu's highlights of his creative life, from the time he staged his first solo show in London to when he visited Southeast Asia in his later years.
Chua Soo BinTill 1 September, 10am to 1pm at The Arts House. 

FESTIVAL | FestivalForGood 2017
Discover the best products and initiatives the social enterprise sector has to offer. Shop at a pop up market featuring over 50 vendors from fashion to lifestyle, unwind at a secret garden, create your own pottery, and step out of your comfort zone at Dialogue in the Dark's exhibition. Local singers including The Cold Cut Duo and Joie Tan are slated to perform.

Create your own masterpiece with Center Pottery19 August, 12pm to 10pm at SMU. 

ART | There is no authority but yourself... and there is no self
Ever wondered how punk, performance, radical art and culture overlap? This talk by curator and researcher Stevphen Shukaitis serves to provide all the answers. Discuss how anarcho-punk band Crass planned festivals in the 1970s and the political campaigns they did. Following which, experimental musicians Dharma and Awk Wah will host a listening session. 

19 August, 7pm to 10pm at The Substation.