Aesop dips into design for the home with an oil burner

Aesop dips into design for the home with an oil burner

Burning ambitions

Text: Aravin Sandran

Image: Aesop

Known for its stellar botanically-based products and design-sensitive concept stores, Aesop is making its first foray into product design for the home

Australian skincare brand Aesop makes our skin, hair, body and even our poo smell nice. Besides its understated clinical packaging and obsequiously constructed stores around the world, its product range hasn't veered into the design realm — until now. 

Designed by Studio Henry Wilson, Aesop's first dip into design takes the form of a Brass Oil Burner that embodies its interests in design, function and scent. The asymmetrical vessel is crafted from solid brass in Australia using an ancient wax casting process and weighs a substantial one kilogram.

"The amorphic design was carefully evolved to reflect the imperfect nature and process of casting molten metal, while the soft edges and quiet forms are intended to cradle the heat and invite a gentle intrigue", said long-time collaborator Henry Wilson who had previously designed two Aesop signature stores. 

Alongside the burner, Aesop is also launching a new Oil Burner Blend, Béatrice — the fourth blend in the Aesop range — a woody, citrus scent with notes of patchouli and cedar atlas.

Aesop dips into design for the home with an oil burner (фото 1)

The Brass Oil Burner and Béatrice Oil Burner Blend are available at Aesop signature stores and online globally, from 24 September 2018.

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