A Palace and the City: Salvatore Ferragamo’s new exhibition

A Palace and the City: Salvatore Ferragamo’s new exhibition

Venice’s crown jewel

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

If you need a dose of culture on your holiday in Florence, look no further than 'A Palace and the City' at the Palazzo Spini Feroni

When in Rome, do what the Romans do. When in Florence, we've got a great suggestion. Set in renowned designer Salvatore Ferragamo's former headquarters, 'A Palace and the City' is showcasing shoes from Ferragamo's archives as well as art from distinguished private collections and museums worldwide. Expect to see pieces from some well-known names, such as the esteemed English artist Thomas Patch. The exhibition also takes you on a historical journey through the conception and construction of the designer's works.

A Palace and the City

Palazzo Spini Feroni

The location itself is a grand highlight – the Palazzo Spini Feroni is the grandest medieval palace in the city. An architectural marvel, the former palace that now houses the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo is one of Ferragamo's personal favourites. The pinnacle of culture in Venice, 'A Palace and the City' is both food for thought and a feast for the eyes.

For a sneak peek, here are some of the classic Ferragamo shoe designs that will be on display at the exhibition.

'The Palace and the City' will be held till 3 April 2016 at the Palazzo Spini Feroni. More details can be found here.