10 highlights from Singapore: Inside Out Sydney

10 highlights from Singapore: Inside Out Sydney


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @sgmuso

Sydney’s Chippendale hood gets a visit from Singapore's best names in art, music, design and cuisine from 3 to 5 November

1. Chaos of colour
Sydney natives stumbled upon Kensington Street in the Chippendale area, home to Asian-inspired cuisine, cool cafes and boutique galleries.


2. Street art galore
Artist Ezzam Rahman showcases two works: The first is 'to you I dedicate my love', a performance piece with rocking chairs and his us of baby powder.


3. The Old Clare gets involved
Another is a showcase of Ezzam Rahman's dead skin, which was used to make a series of sculptures.


4. Local to local
What a spread — guests were treated to a kitchen collaboration between Eastside Kitchen and Fat Lulu's.


5. It's an urban jungle out there
Singapore artist Donna Ong made up a forest of steel poles, glasses and beer bottles.


6. Lets get graphic
Excerpts from an upcoming graphic novel by Joshua Ip, Adam Jay Robert and Tomothy Wang were displayed, telling a story about a dystopian Singapore. 


7. Sound of the city
Sound artist Zul Mahmod addresses the awareness of space in aural architecture, creating sounds when the electromagnet is activated and released.


8. Music matters
Sam Rui, Linying, Safuan Johari, Kiat and Fauxe are among the local exports livening up Sydney's streets.


9. Twist and shout
The dancer's form replaces the finger-plucking ways of a musical instrument in a performance by Raw Moves.


10. Food, glorious food
No Singapore festival is complete without some serious grub.