Zig Zach: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #120

Easy like a Sunday morning

Text: Zig Zach

DJ, promoter and owner of Blackout Agency, Zig Zach, shares his Sunday sofa playlist

Most people who know me, know that I don't sleep a lot. I'm usually up early on most days, even if it's after a big night out partying or DJing. I usually take the time to put on some of my favourite chill out music, sit back and really just enjoy the music and take a breather from everything. This is what I usually listen to on an early Sunday morning on my sofa. People are used to seeing me in the club playing house and techno, so this is a really different side of music that I love. There are some personal favourites that I've thrown in the list, some ambient stuff, a trippy synth track from the '80s and some wicked modern Thai music that has got a real psychedelic feel to it. Put your legs up, sit back and enjoy the sweet choons.

The mix starts of with 'Abraham's Theme' by Vangelis, an Academy Award-winning composer from the '70s that has composed movie scores for Bladerunner, Chariots of Fire and many more. Whenever I'm opening a night, I usually start off with some ambient tracks and this is one of them that I use a lot to kick off my DJ sets as it really just sets the mood for the journey. This track just makes me feel totally at peace. 

Laurie Spiegel's 'Appalachian's Groove 1' is such a brilliant track. It sounds so up to date for something that was made in the '80s. I actually heard The Drifter's remix of the track first and then went to check out what the original sounded like, and I was totally blown away by this track and her whole album. It led me to finding a lot of other really cool producers from her time too. I absolutely lovemeverything about Harrison Brome's 'Fill Your Brain'. The drums, the vocals and even the lyrics to the song. It just has this amazing melancholic feel to it.

I only just found out about the awesome band, Khruangbin, when one of their other songs came on while having a coffee the other day and I Shazam-ed it (What would we do without Shazam!). They're actually from Texas but just really into Thai funk and soul! How crazy is that? They've got a really soulful funky modern take on Thai music like in their track 'The Number 3'. 

I spent alot of my '20s living in Thai boxing camps and my Thai trainers would always play traditional Molam music. Some of it can sound really psychedelic and The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band give it a modern twist like their track 'Pu Tai Dub' which has some really cool delay effects on it.

Zig Zach's pop up party series, Escape 56, is happening on 3 November in Singapore and 4 November in Bangkok, more details and special guests to be confirmed.