Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #93: Ysa Yaneza

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Text: Ysa Yaneza

Image: Reuben Foong

Singaporean-Filipino singer-producer Ysa Yaneza shares her top music picks for your crush

These songs inspired the mood and vibe of my debut single, Tea, a synth-infused track, reminiscent of '90s bubblegum pop with a mix of today's electronic sounds. I made the song because I wanted to capture the feeling of longing for someone and not knowing what may be, and the songs above capture that same mood and vibe for me. I find myself listening to them whenever I daydream in a bus or go for a random walk.

Hannah Diamond is an artist on London-based record label, PC Music — a label that has now grown into a genre and subculture online. The simple and sad pop vibes of her track Pink and Blue was what first captured my attention to follow the genre.

I'm a big fan of Britney Spears. She's the truest form of a pop princess for my generation and an inspiration to many young girls like myself who witnessed her first emergence on MTV. If I had to pick a favorite love song from the '80s, it would be True by Spandau Ballet, hands down. Tony Hadley's soulful voice adds to the romantic but cool essence of the track.

You & Me by Disclosure (Flume remix) is the song that sparked the direction of production for Tea. Flume's striking use of heavy brass and hard beats showed me the emotions and energy digital instruments can bring out. Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain played at the end of Sofia Coppola's cinematic masterpiece, Lost in Translation, oozes everything that you have ever wanted to tell someone as you leave your past behind.

Currently based in Chicago, Ysa Yaneza's music video debut for Tea goes live on 14 March, a collaboration Singaporean filmmaker, Bart. You can download or stream the track on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud.