Buro Backseat: Yelle sings 'Interpassion' and chats about her favourite Singapore fashion brand

Complètement fou

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Robin Thang

In town for their first concert in Singapore last month, Yelle performs her latest single, 'Interpassion', and shows us her best dance moves

Yelle has been making their special brand of French electro pop for over a decade. The dancey duo comprises lead vocalist and namesake Yelle, a.k.a. Julie Budet and on beats, Jean-François Perrier, better known as GrandMarnier. Eschewing the musical trends that we've come to identify with French electronica (all filters and disco samples), Yelle has instead managed to carve out their own unique sound, matched by a high-energy live performance that has taken them around the world, impressive when they perform almost exclusively in French.

The pair's third and most recent album, Complètement fou, (which translates to "completely crazy" in English), took them from their hometown in Brittany all the way to Los Angeles to work with Dr Luke — the same producer behind several of Katy Perry's big hits and that infamous Keisha sexual harassment suit. While there's no news on when the next album will be out, the pair have dropped solo singles and accompanying videos, their most recent, 'Interpassion'. Released in April, catch Yelle as she performs it acoustically in this session of Buro Backseat. True to their dance-friendly tunes, she shows us some of her favourite moves too. Watch and learn. 

Yelle performed in Singapore on 12 and 13 May at Gallery Theatre at National Museum Singapore. Thanks to Jeep for the loan of their car. "Go Anywhere Do Anything" with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. To see all the other Buro Backseat videos, click here.