Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #80: Yadin Moha

Good weird

DJ Yadin Moha, organiser of the defunct after party series, Breakfast Club, shares his hitlist for the parties he's playing his weekend

I've always liked things a little messy. I don't feel comfortable in rooms where everything is perfectly arranged. When I see someone with gleaming white shoes I have a strange urge to step on them. I've never had a neat hair cut. I guess that explains why I play the music I play. Raw distorted drums, weirdly pitched vocals, strange synth patterns. Little things in life make me happy.

Demolition Man by Gerry Read and Kevin McPhee is a classic for me, with two of my favourite producers collaborating on this one. It starts off sounding like a techno thumper but halfway through the song, the mood flips completely with beautiful meandering piano stabs coming out of nowhere. It blew my mind the first time I heard it. I've also included Street Siren by Jonathan Kusuma, an incredibly talented producer from Jakarta who is now based here in Singapore. It's a crazy psychedelic track with a barrage of synth elements and vocal samples flying in and out — makes you feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

Drums from Lagos by Joseph Russel is a recent discovery, with rolling acid bass line with clever drum programming that keeps it engaging throughout. Dropping an acid track never fails to lift the energy in a room so I'm really looking forward to sharing this one with the dance floor this weekend.  

Hear Yadin open for Tin Man at HQ on 1 December and at the Giegling label showcase at CATO on 2 December. For more information, click here.

Text: Yadin Moha

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