White Label: Record store by day, bar by dusk

White Label: Record store by day, bar by dusk

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Text: Yimin Huang

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Image: White Label

Founders of social e-commerce #vinyloftheday have launched their first brick-and-mortar record store, White Label at Ann Siang Hill

In 2013, Darren Tan and Kurt Loy founded the music and lifestyle platform #vinyloftheday for vinyl records collectors and music enthusiasts. Following their social media success, they have launched White Label, an integrated record store and bar, in the hip heritage neighbourhood of Ann Siang Hill. The storefront is adorned with a neon signboard that reads, "You Make My Heart Spin", with a playful pun on the soulful pleasures of listening to a vinyl.

White Label: Record store by day, bar by dusk (фото 1)

The store boasts an extensive selection of records from various eras, as well as a rotating selection of offerings from local and regional record stores. A Singapore record store map will also be available exclusively in-store later this year. 

"We feel that nothing transcends the analog experience of record store shopping. There is no better retail therapy than walking into a record store, thinking that you already what you want, before leaving with some unexpected new finds," said co-founder Darren Tan. "We hope this will be a place where music lovers can discover both new music and new people."
 White Label: Record store by day, bar by dusk (фото 2)

Besides providing a physical platform for #vinyloftheday fans and music lovers to thumb through records and bond over music, White Label also offers food and a rotating selection of drinks, as well as live acts. Their signature drinks include a Vodka-based fresh fruit Mojito, the White Label Iced Tea, a tea-based Long Island, and a Chrysanthemum vodka martini. A seasonal selection of handpicked seasonal malts and gin, craft beers, boutique champagne and wines will also be available.

On the grand opening night on 28 September, hip-hop and jazz DJ FUNK BSTRD, DJ Ramesh from CÉ LA VI and DJ Gema from Order/Syndicate will bring the house down with iconic remixes. 

Many exciting music-themed nights will follow, as founders Kurt and Darren are expected to showcase vinyl records from their diverse personal collections. Record store by day and hip watering hole by dusk, White Label might become the community space for vinyl hunters in Singapore.

White Label is located at 28 Ann Siang Road #01-01, Ann Siang House, S069708

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