What you need to know about Kanye West's Sunday Service before it happens at Coachella this month

What you need to know about Kanye West's Sunday Service before it happens at Coachella this month

Sing praises

Text: Aravin Sandran

American hip-hop provocateur Kanye West hasn't had much positive press in a while. From his vile comments on slavery to his relentless support for Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed musical genius seems to spurt out the most random, offensive statement every single time the camera is on him. Thankfully though, he has kept a relatively low profile this year. It was only in mid-January that he began hosting Sunday Service. You've probably seen glorious short clips of it on social media, especially if you happen to be one of the 133 million followers of his wife Kim Kardashian West. The weekly live event features a live orchestra, a full-on gospel choir decked out in Yeezy and an exclusive gathering of famous faces soaking up all the magic and sunshine in.


West recently announced that he'll be taking Sunday Service to Coachella this month, headlining the second weekend of the blockbuster music festival. In eager anticipation of that sure-fire performance, we break down all the elements that make Sunday Service one of the best works of his career so far.

The live gospel performance has been held at unexpected locations.


From the looks of it on social media, West is spending big bucks shuttling and touring the entire congregation on a charted plane around the United States. On 5 March, they travelled to Adidas' North American headquarters in Portland where they brought their A-game in a James Turrell-inspired auditorium. Other secret sites have mainly been around California including Burbank, the great outdoors near his huge home studio in Calabasas and the pristine green hills around Los Angeles. 

West puts a gospel spin on many of his chart-toppers. 


Sunday Service obviously revolves around the music made by Yeezus. We've heard gospel remixes of his back catalogue such as "Amazing", "Otis" and "Dark Fantasy". With that many people lending their brilliant voices to the tracks, the volume can get loud; so loud, in fact, that someone — presumably his sour neighbours who didn't get an invite — called the cops on one of the sessions.

West occasionally hands the mic to some of music's hottest young talents.


West can come across as an egotistical maniac, but Sunday Service has shown that he doesn't mind stepping aside once in a while. Besides the killer choir who consistently sing their heart out, there have been musical guest appearances by American singer-songwriter Ant Clemons who featured on West's "All Mine" and producer-writer Philip Cornish.

West teases his long-awaited album Yandhi with snippets of new songs.
Sunday Service has also become a space for West to experiment with new material. On 20 January, he debuted "We'll Find A Way", a new track off Yandhi. All clips of the track have pretty much been erased off the Internet sadly.

Sunday Service is invite-only, but it has already racked up some famous attendees.


While Kim steadily stays by her man's side and their eldest kid North has been routinely rocking out with some adorable dance moves, the event has seen appearances by the entire reality TV family including momager Kris as well as sisters Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie. No word yet on whether the event will be featured on the show though. Besides some familial love, the guest list reads like the hottest ticket in town with music's best such as Diplo, Rick Rubin, Katy Perry, Tyer the Creator, Kid Cudi and Courtney Love in attendance. 

There might be merch.


While there's no official statement or release date planned, West has been spotted in a fluorescent-yellow T-shirt with the words Sunday Service printed near the right chest area. West has a knack for clothing, so considering the choir's monochromatic outfits and Yeezy footwear, it will come as no surprise if some streetwear merch drops along with the upcoming performance during Coachella.