Vinesh Nagrani: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #146


Text: Vinesh Nagrani

Filmmaker Vinesh Nagrani shares the sounds that led his inception into film making

Instrumentals tend to monopolise most of the sound waves I consume. Music's primary purpose has been to realign and center my vibrations, but secondarily to offer me premises in inspiring ideas and reinvigorating imagination. It's the sounds void of vocals that offer me this opportunity for provocation of thought. Each song is a short film, containing atmosphere, plot development and climaxes. It's a stretch of a band ultimately leading to a release in cathartic force.

Emancipator is a close to invincible artist when it comes to absorbing all residual negativity. 'Ghost Pong' is the 2018 rendition of Moby's 'Porcelain'. It's the same beach, the same scent, the same colour of sand, but just set in 2018. 'Rondo' by Tekashi69 featuring Tory Lanez has been a major surprise. I don't usually enjoy mixing my pasta with cashew nuts. Somehow, this rainbow-ed unicorn out of Brooklyn has got me questioning even my own firmly held beliefs on taste. Tekashi69 has been an inexpensive form of salmon sashimi. A luring novelty with an acquired taste over time. 

'Coari' by Dimitri Andreas is the track you need to hear at the pinnacle of your night — to let yourself know you've drank enough. A time to just let go. Besides, the drop is just the dirtiest ass intoxicant you could find. 'Please Don't Take Me Home' by Gui Boratto is my number one comedown track. An emergency slip road guaranteed to rekindle a glimmer of hope and positivity. 

If you have had enough with the mediocrity of mankind and desire an immediate escape route, get on board the spaceship that is 'Dolores' by Township Rebellion where things are about to bolt faster than light. 

Vinesh Nagrani heads up VS Productions. Watch their fashion styling collection of videos on social media called Style.Maverick, as well as a cocktail and bar review show called Sips an Dat. His alter ego, Vinny Sharp, will be back to address the Budget 018 and the education system in Singapore.

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