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Text: Veronica Fusaro

Veronica Fusaro shares her musical inspirations ahead of her Music Matters performance this weekend

These songs all have something that resonates with me. Some I particularly love the lyrics while others fascinate me on a sonic level. Some make me want to cry while others just make me want to dance! I guess that's what they all have in common: they make me feel something, they make me feel some type of way and touch my heart. It's honest and real music. That's what I crave for.

Nina Simone was an incredible artist, with a unique way to tell stories just like in 'Lilac Wine'. Her stories came from a real place, I believe every single word she says. She is truly an iconic figure to me. Amy Winehouse is one of my biggest inspirations. Her voice, her music, her lyrics — she is frank, honest and vulnerable at the same time. She was able to capture a moment and sing a whole song about it like in 'Love Is A Losing Game.'  

I got so excited when I first discovered Alabama Shakes! I love her vocals, embedded in a sphere of raw, organic instruments and a foggy bar attitude. When I close my eyes to 'Sound and Color', I feel like I am floating in space. Rihanna is a goddess. She's been ruling the world for quite a while now and I adore her unique voice. I would love to see her live one day and hear 'Kiss It Better' in particular because of the e-guitar playing along with the lead vocals in the chorus  it turns it into a stadium anthem.

Even though I had listened to 25 by Adele before, I recently realised how beautiful 'Million Years Ago' is. I love the unusual structure and the melodies are as bittersweet as lemonade that is missing a little bit of sugar... but just a little bit! It makes me feel nostalgic and I picture a September evening in the French Provence.

Veronica Fusaro is a Swiss singer-songwriter who will be performing at Music Matters 2018 on Friday, 7 September at Clarke Quay Main Stage and Monday 10 September at the Barber Shop by TIMBRE. 

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