Vandetta: Buro. Singapore Let It Flow Playlist #199


Text: Vanessa Fernandez

Editor: Tracy Phillips

I've been into more downtempo music this past year; something I can listen to early in the morning when I'm getting through emails as I'm working on the Noise Music Mentorship (final showcase featuring 20 young up-and-coming acts is on 16 and 17 March at Plaza Singapura!), in the afternoon when I'm taking a break and scrolling through socials and in the evening when I'm preparing dinner. I gravitate towards music that's soulful but isn't intrusive. 

One of my favourite artists right now, Kelela makes progressive music choices yet has a 90s R&B throwback feel like in "All The Way Down". Mac Ayers' Drive Slow is a great album to chillax to in general, but I picked "Show Me" for this playlist because of the groove.

Philanthrope is a producer I found listening to a Chilled Cow playlist on YouTube since I've also been into a lot of lo-fi hip-hop. In fact, I did a track with Evanturetime and Tim De Cotta in this vein, which will be out soon. More shameless plugging, I have another audiophile record coming out at the end of March, which features covers of R&B classics from Curtis Mayfield to Michael Jackson to Hall & Oates and Amy Winehouse.

Back to the playlist, if you haven't heard H.E.R and her track "Lights On", she just won at the Grammys and is a child prodigy who's grown into this dope songwriter and has one of the best NPR Tiny Desk episodes I've ever seen. My BFF in Cali is half Mexican and turned me on to Rosalia who fuses flamenco grooves with electronica and makes great Spanish pop like "Pienso En Tu Mira". She's also on James Blake's new record.

I don't like all of Sabrina Claudio's stuff but my partner, Nic Robertson, went through her catalogue and found some jams that have become gems for us. "Unravel Me" is a slick production with really shimmering vocals on the chorus. Ending off the playlist with a song Nic and I did as Soulful Ghosts called "Control", which echoes the downtempo yet groovy vibes for this playlist. Happy listening, friends!

Vanessa Fernandez aka Vandetta is a singer-songwriter. She is hosting the Noise Music Mentorship Final Showcase on 16 and 17 March at Plaza Singapura from 3pm to 9:30pm. She'll also be doing a set at Tigers In Tampines with Syndicate on 24 March and launching her next audiophile record called I Want You on 20 April.