Umar Sirhan: Buro. Singapore Valentine's Day Playlist #194

Groovy kind of love

Text: Umar Sirhan

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Image: Emmanuel Benedict

In pursuit of dreams, aspirations and everything in between, let us not forget that one of the greatest pleasures in life is being able to experience the joy that is love: love for yourself and for life itself. It doesn't always have to be the kind of love you see in movies. Everyone has their own version of it and I hope this playlist captures a piece of the kind you've dreamed about.

When it comes to love, one of the first songs I think about is A Song for Every Moon by Bruno Major. His song "Wouldn't Mean a Thing" brings an infectious slow groove to the table. The raspy tone of his voice coupled with the simple and sweet lyrics are sure to make you feel things; I sure did. "Get You" has got everything  a sluggish, stank face-inducing beat, fresh lyrics and the voice of Daniel Caesar, one of the finest rising young R&B stars in recent years.

Steering away from the idea of romantic love for a minute, this next song made me feel a way I don't think I've ever felt listening to any other song. Bon Iver is known for its profound lyricism, and "00000 Million" is no different. Pronounced "million", this song speaks of the fear of not knowing what is going on around you in life and reminds us that it's perfectly okay. The layered choral-like vocals and the massive reverb makes you feel like you're standing on the edge of a canyon looking out into the open horizon, absolutely free of any worry you've ever had, with nothing but love in your heart. When I first heard PJ Morton, I was listening to his song "First Began", which perfectly displays his vocal dexterity and his sublime musicality. I love songs with clear intent and emotion, and this one delivers in that regard, speaking of the beginning of a love between two, and how he wishes things could go back to how they were at the start. We get you PJ.

Last and perhaps one of the most important for me, is a song by one of the pioneers of modern R&B, D'Angelo. His pinnacle of a record, Voodoo, was one of the strongest influences on my interest in R&B and changed the way I listened to and made music. "How Does It Feel" is sure to get you in all kinds of moods.

Umar Sirhan is a Singaporean musician known for his smooth vocals and pensive lyrics that touch on the challenges of youth, the struggles of love and the discovery of the joys and pitfalls of life.