Troye Sivan: The music that defines his life includes George Michael, Robyn and Cher

My, my, my!

Text: Janice Sim

In Singapore to chat about his second album, Bloom, Troye Sivan breaks down the songs that have shaped his life as well as the pop artistry that is pulsing through his music now

YouTube may seem like just a platform where videos are created and shared; but to South African-born Australian pop singer-songwriter, Troye Sivan, the social media platform symbolises so much more than that. In fact, it practically birthed his entire career. Since clocking in a million followers on his YouTube channel back in 2012, Sivan has had his fingers on the pulse of today's pop landscape. It started with his debut EP, Blue Neighbourhood, released in 2015. Tracks such as  'Happy Little Pill' and 'Youth' won the hearts of many millennials, just as they did with the Billboard charts.

Now 23, Sivan's about to drop his second album, Bloom. "I'm very happy, the most self-assured I have ever felt," remarked the Los Angeles-based talent on both his professional and personal fronts. Speaking to media at a listening party organised by Universal Music during his brief stop in Singapore, Sivan's demeanor wasn't larger-than-life by any means. Instead, his charms lie in the pools of his blue, Bambi eyes. A friend's beach house garage provided the setting for the album, which was meant to be a love letter to his personal life. "I feel liberated," he continued. "I want people to feel that electricity and throw away the inhibitions that they have when they hear it."

To be released on 31 August, Bloom will tease, excite, and get you hot and bothered. It is after all, Sivan's grand release of lust, passion and exuberation surrounding his current relationship. Already released, 'Bloom' and 'My My My!' are great indications of what's to come. Of course, there's the upbeat earworm, 'Dance To This', featuring Sivan's close friend Ariana Grande.

The rest of Bloom is sexier and darker. The album's opener, titled 'Seventeen', features a coming-of-age depiction of Sivan's precarious experiences after he first came out publicly. Then there's 'Lucky Strike', a flirty dance number about kissing a person who tasted like the classic American cigarette. The album ends on a slow, cinematic dance with 'Animal'. Dubbed by Sivan to be "a love song for the ages", he croons, "I want you all to myself. I am an animal with you."

So what does the soundtrack of Sivan's life sound like? After hearing what Sivan had to say about Bloom, we spoke to him about the monumental songs that have defined his life — the good, the bad and the groovy. Imagine the likes of Aqua, George Michael and Cher in a house party, and you're all set.

The full album Bloom, comes out August 31.