Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #98: TrevD

Weekend game plan

Text: TrevD

Image: Lester Lai

Local DJ, TrevD shares his go-to playlist to wind down for the weekend

It's 5am after a night out just before the sun rises, which is my favourite time of the day. Alone, with my girl or a few friends and I'm back home but not ready to sleep just yet. It's easy listening but with some groove to keep you in the weekend.

I go nuts every time I hear the first track, Too Dry To Cry by Willis Earl Beal. It's deceptively simple — a slow hypnotic drum beat, accompanied by vocals that sound like slaves crying out, coming together to produce a raw bluesy wail that's mesmerising. It's great to wind down to but sometimes it gets me moving like a shaman. Malcolm McLaren's modern rendition of Madam Butterfly is an old favourite of mine. It's an exquisite fusion of an opera classic with a soulful R&B groove that just melts me.

If Lovin' You Is Wrong by Faithless is another track that makes me just lose it.  This is one ridiculously sexy track. It grinds you. Maxi Jazz carries the track with his charismatic voice and the end product is sex in a song.  Friday I'm In Love by Yo La Tengo is a lovely cover of a timeless classic.  It has a melancholic yet hopeful quality that makes you look around for your friends for a group hug. Finally, Teer by Jin Choi and Daso is a wicked track which fuses a deadly piano rift with a haunting set of vocals to deliver a minimal masterpiece. It's deep, dark and sexy.  

You can catch TrevD on 6 April at the newly renovated bar, Drink Culture from 11pm till late. To listen to his mixes on SoundCloud click here.