Tracks that you need to hear and the artistes who are making the headlines: Jonas Brothers, Solange and Jasmine Sokko

Tracks that you need to hear and the artistes who are making the headlines: Jonas Brothers, Solange and Jasmine Sokko

Pop it like it's hot

Text: Aravin Sandran

The Jonas Brothers reunite after a disbanding for six years to release "Sucker". 

A reunion that basically no one asked for — the Jonas Brothers are back from the early 2000s to haunt us once again. Over the weekend, the boyband dropped "Sucker", an upbeat pop tune that serves as a homage to the women they're currently into: actress Priyanka Chopra who married Nick amidst media frenzy in December, Sophie Turner who got engaged to Joe in 2017 and Danielle, the long-time wife of Kevin. While Joe is usually front and centre, Nick gets a come up this time (most probably because of his marriage), heading up the trio in the single's cover image in a bicep-hugging polo shirt.

While the track itself is pretty standard boyband mush, everyone's talking about the accompanying 3-minute long music video. The boys and their ladies go bananas on the stately grounds of the Hatfield House in England. It's hedonism at its most cringey kitsch. Scenes of layered ruffled tulle, lolly-sucking in the bathtub, sing-alongs with a herd of rabbits, dog-walking with a pack of Corgis like the Queen, Joe in Araki-style bondage and so much more create a visual orgasm of Alice In Wonderland proportions. Nick obviously looks good, Joe sounds alright, but it's Kevin who gets the least amount of screen time even compared to their better halves. Oh well, last we checked, he's got that construction company and social media agency at least.

Solange releases a short film on Apple Music to accompany her new album When I Get Home.

As a follow-up to 2016's A Seat At The Table, Solange dropped her new album, When I Get Home on 1 March. The album was teased beforehand with a takeover of African-American social platform Black Planet alongside short videos on her IG. With contributions from the likes of Dev Hynes, Sampha, Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt, the 19-track experimental album features some pretty eclectic sampling from her hometown heroes in Houston including a reading of Houston writer Pat Parker's work. 

Just a day after the album's release, Solange dropped another project: a 30-minute short film that was exclusively available on Apple Music, a pretty shady move considering that her sister's husband Jay-Z owns the music streaming platform Tidal. Pitched as an "interdisciplinary performance art film", the visuals are an ode to Houston with some pretty dope choreographed dance sequences and beautiful solo moments, all soundtracked with beats from When I Get Home. For those who don't subscribe to Apple Music, revel in a 30-sec teaser of Solange gyrating in a crystal-adorned number in front of a creepy hooded figure.


Jasmine Sokko is "Tired" after participating in China's music reality show, Rave Now.

In February this year, Singaporean singer-producer Jasmine Sokko snagged a top-four position on China's hottest electronic music reality show Rave Now. Over the course of two weeks, Sokko crammed in "13 pieces of music, photo shoots, video interviews and rehearsals." It must have been gruelling 'cause her latest single "Tired" pretty much says it all: "I just feel so tired, not because of my sleep/I don't like nobody and nobody likes me/I'm tired of peacock speech".

Known for being notoriously reclusive in real life and on social media (Sokko usually has her face covered by a huge black visor), the track embodies that over-worked fatigue that we all feel at the end of a week musically through a stripped-down synth line that infectiously bops along. Led by director Martin Hong, the track's MV is set to drop sometime in late April before a series of single releases leading up to her second EP.