Tobias Boonstoppel: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #158

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Text: Tobias Boonstoppel

Tobias Boonstoppel is a tech enthusiast and Head of Digital of MCH Group Switzerland, the company behind Art Basel. Here are the tracks to get him in the zone

This playlist is a mix of tracks I've been playing a lot recently, as well as a few obsessions. I've started the playlist with two remixed tracks: 'Requiem For A Loop' and 'Swing Bob' by Acid Pauli, one of my all-time favourite DJs. His sound is eclectic and very groovy. I love how he takes the listener on a journey, and he always reminds me of Burning Man. The next track is by Andrey Burtaev, a Russian DJ who I actually don't know much about. I Shazam-ed it in a club a while ago and it's been in my playlist ever since. It's super steady and keeps on going.

Another track that's very similar is 'Désolé' by Davi.  I like to listen to this kind of music at work when I'm programming to get into the zone — it helps me stay focused. The last track on this playlist, 'Bedroom' by Litany, is a bit cheesy, but I first heard it on a sailboat trip from Los Angeles to Catalina Island a couple of weeks ago. We were sailing hard on the wind, followed by a pod of dolphins. It was the perfect soundtrack to the most beautiful moment.

Tobias Boonstoppel is a tech enthusiast and Head of Digital at MCH Group Switzerland, the company behind Art Basel, based in New York. Upcoming shows include Art Basel in June, Art Düsseldorf in November and Art Basel Miami in December. 

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