#BuroLive Episode 40: Tim De Cotta on ArtScience Museum's new exhibit and Pink Dot

#BuroLive Episode 40: Tim De Cotta on ArtScience Museum's new exhibit and Pink Dot

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Text: Adibah Isa

ArtScience Late and Pink Dot's music programming are thanks to Tim De Cotta, so we checked in with a performance of 'Rain' from the singer-songwriter's new album, The Warrior

Music and art are pretty much intertwined in the way it touches at our very core, leaving it up to the individual for interpretation. Which is no surprise why the ArtScience Museum has roped in Tim De Cotta for their programming of ArtScience Late: The Garden of the Eye of the Future happening on 18 May at 7pm. It's a sonic introduction to their upcoming exhibit, 'HUMAN+: The Future of Our Species' opening this weekend.

Another effort that has tapped on De Cotta's industry knowhow is Pink Dot, an LGBT-led rights event that supports the freedom to love. While details are mum at the moment, you can expect a well-curated programming from the local singer-songwriter, who always has his eyes (and ears) on the music scene.

Tune in below to hear more, and watch a snippet of 'Rain', from musician's debut album, Warrior.


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