5 more reasons to like Theo Hutchcraft

5 more reasons to like Theo Hutchcraft


Text: Adibah Isa

In anticipation of Hurts' new album, Desire, we remind you why lead Theo Hutchcraft is the crush of the week

1. He'll get even more personal with this album
Hutchcraft and band member Adam Anderson are getting more personal on their third record, the upcoming Desire. Described as an album full of passion, pain and lust, they also added that it's some of the best music they've ever made. Out on 29 September, you can expect an update to the dramatic electronic pop these Manchester lads often provide. 

2. He's charmed the likes of Kylie Minogue
The duo managed to rope in Kylie Minogue on their song, 'Devotion', from their debut album, Happiness in 2010. A song about infidelity, the Aussie pop star gave a delicate femininity to Hutchcraft's dark pop sensibilities. Hurts has also covered 'Confide In Me', Minogue's tune from 1994.

3. He looks good in make-up
Seriously, he does — notably in drag make-up. The frontman played a drag queen for Hurts' video, 'Beautiful Ones', released in April. Celebrating the individuality in humans, the 31-year-old played a drag queen who was attacked just for being herself. "I felt like the powerful way to show how important individuality is, is to show what people have to through just to be themselves," he shared in an interview. It was the musician's first time dressing as a woman. "Towering in high heels is a very satisfying feeling!" he exclaimed.

4. He's always one to call out important issues
Using music videos as a platform to call out important issues again, 'Ready To Go' called out the problems that can arise when men don't confront their demons. "Too many young men are encouraged to bury their feelings and be masculine," he mentioned in an interview. It's a call to action that was probably inspired by his bandmate, Anderson, who revealed his struggles with severe depression in a long Instagram post a few months before. The music video sees Hutchcraft as the lead again, this time filling in the role of a man who's mourning his love.

5. He's a fan of Van Morrison
Hutchcraft counts Van Morrison's 1968 album as his favourite. He first listened to it when he was 18, lying in the apartment of his then girlfriend from Sweden. "She put this record on, and it completely entranced me in this weird hypnotic way," he shared. "I still can't work out what it is. I don't even know what genre it is or what's going on. I know it's very transportative, but I don't know where it's transporting me to, if that makes sense. It doesn't take me back to a place. It's transcendental. Even now, I still speak of it with such fervour, because I find it really exciting."

Hurts' new album, Desire, is out on 29 September. Check out last week's #ManCrushMonday.