Theia: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #110

Nostalgic futuristic

Text: Theia

Theia, New Zealand pop's next big thing, shares the music that has influenced her sound

This is a collection of songs from very different genres and artists, all of whom have influenced me in some way. They are inimitable and provocative, with ties to the past and present, both nostalgic and futuristic.

'Street Lights' is my favourite track from Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak. It was recorded in Burbank, LA, a city I had wanted to go to since I was still in primary school — and so have always pictured myself there in the evenings glowing under the blue street lights. Last month, I was finally able to go and it really was a dream come true. I listened to Coast, a radio station playing vintage, when I was young and grew an appreciation for 60s music. 'Poor Little Rich Girl', a Warhol-Sedgwick film, featured almost all Everly Brothers' records, as well as Edie and her distinctive style — I was in love with tracks like 'Bye Bye Love'.

'Pagan Poetry' by Bjork is the resulting love child of fashion and music. In the music video filmed by the illustrious Nick Knight, she wears Alexander McQueen, a favourite designer of mine. She is fearless, strong, idiosyncratic, and incomparable. 'Gypsy' is one of my favourite Gaga tracks from Artpop. It's sombre yet hopeful, an ode to the wanderer, which I very much identify with these days. Amy Winehouse is quite possibly my favourite artist of all time. 'Love Is A Losing Game' is poignant and heartbreaking, encapsulating the ending of a turbulent relationship and tragically, herself. 'For you I was the flame, love is a losing game... One I wished, I never played, oh what a mess we made.'

Theia's new EP launches June 30th and will be available on iTunes. Also watch her breakout single video Roam.   

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