Watch now: The Sam Willows' new music video, Take Heart

Watch now: The Sam Willows' new music video, Take Heart

It's finally here

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: The Sam Willows

Two months after its single release, Take Heart premieres its anticipated music video on Facebook

The Sam Willows sure know how to keep us wrapped around their little, very musical fingers. Since Take Heart's single release two months ago, they've been revving up appearances in the recent SEA Games and upcoming National Day Parade, releasing teasers of their performances. Ever culturally en pointe, the foursome also took the time to serenade us with a Malay-language cover of Joe Flizzow's Apa Khabar in light of the Eid weekend.

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Recently, though, anticipation for Take Heart's music video has been simmering beneath the surface, with teasers suggesting lots of colourful, paint-fuelled prances. They've just released it a few minutes ago — you can now watch the full video below.

The Sam Willows - Take Heart (Official Music Video)

TAKE HEART (Official Music Video)Facebook Exclusive PremiereTake Heart is a step in a new direction for the four of us. It's a celebration of love, and all that it encompasses. It's also just a really fun song; we had the best time writing and shooting this. We have many thanks to give. The people in and behind the video are some of the best that we know. #TSWTakeHeartListen to / Download the track:

Posted by The Sam Willows on Thursday, 23 July 2015


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