Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #95: Tennyson

Making a splash

Text: Tennyson

Prodigious Canadian brother and sister act, Tennyson, takes us on a trip through the ocean and back up again in slow motion with this playlist

Inspiration is usually invisible isn't it? but I'm sitting in the bedroom of the place we're staying in Seoul and my eyelids are flickering with all the things I saw today. It felt strange to choose an older Sampha song since he's released the new album, but I feel I have a more developed relationship with Demons. Moderat is the collaboration between Apparat and Modeselektor — their different approaches working together is so poetic. Gita slowly builds in energy which I chose to represent running closer to the edge of a cliff.

James Blake's You Know Your Youth is the music of falling right before the surface of the water. it has this terrible synthesized plucked guitar which sounds like the tragedy of Earth in arpeggio. My Spine is Björk singing with Scottish percussionist, Evelyn Glennie. The sound of the initial splash and water smashing all directions into the air. I chose Four Tet's Clouding because lately it's been a really inspiring track. It also went nicely with the Björk song — the splash dispersing, and water enveloping. The last song by Mount Kimbie, Break Well, is the sound of floating up towards the shimmering surface of the ocean. I love how the song is paced — it reminds me that you don't always have to make music according to the listeners' attention span.

Syndicate Presents Tennyson (Canada) on 15 March from 8pm to 10pm. For tickets, click here.