Teen Daze: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #101

Convertible jams

Text: Teen Daze

Canadian indie-electronic artist Teen Daze shares a summery mix ahead of his Moonbeats Asia gig next week

This is a mix for a long, languid, late afternoon drive with the top down. A soundtrack for a long sunset. The energy stays high for the first part of the mix, and slowly sets with the sun, before reaching its peaceful end. It's something for the much-anticipated summer. Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda are one of my favourite groups that I've discovered in the last year, with beautiful, funky, emotional jams like the track 'Bravado'.

I fell quickly in love with Mark Barrot's record as soon as I heard the song, 'Baby Come Home'. I think it's one of the best album openers in a long time. 'Exit Seven' by Jonny Nash is my favourite sunset jam — the perfect soundtrack to the winding down of the day.

I have a lot of love for the label 'Melody As Truth', which shows on this playlist. This label is influencing me in a profound way, and Suzanne Kraft's, 'Renee Sleeping' was the introduction to all of it. There's also something very spiritual about Hatchback's 'Hotaru' and the whole album. It's truly an underrated gem. 

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