SWTLKR: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #108

Rise up

Text: Vijay Singh

Image: Daniel Koh

Vijay Singh (also known as SWTLKR) exhorts resilience, courage and patience in this week's playlist

Music for me has always served as a way to unite collective consciousness, to understand one another, to rise up, to be inspired, to vibrate on a higher frequency and to create the world we actually want to live in. I hope this playlist encourages you to be strong in this time of transition, and I hope it lifts your heart and spirit to discover truth that unites all. My new SWTLKR - ALL EP also resonates with this theme of unitary consciousness, of finding that strength and completeness within to rise up.

The playlist begins with the track 'Transition' from Underground Resistance that reflects on the state of humanity at the moment, a point of great transitions. On both global and individual levels, a lot of us are making transitions from one way of living to another. Changes are coming hard and fast, yet Cajmere reminds us of the 'Brighter Days' that could be ahead of us if we 'Breathe' deeply like Blaze does and lift ours hearts up to the sky. Stevie Wonder and Elton John are both great wise men, reminding us to be calm and strong in the face of adversity with their songs 'Don't You Worry About A Thing' and 'I'm Still Standing' respectively.

No matter how hard it gets, Leon Vynehall tells us to 'Be Brave, Clench Fists' to do the right thing and make the right choices. Anohni then reminds us of the fact that global warming is slowly destroying our planet and its beautiful creatures on the track, '4 Degrees'. We can't just be passive and ignore what is going on in front of our eyes — we have to act on it like D.Y.A. explains. We need to have these conversations, it's a 'Necessity' according to Rampa. Once we figure it all out, Kendrick Lamar knows that we're going to be 'Alright'. The universe will sort itself out and everything will fall into its right place. So have trust, be strong yet patient and keep fighting the good fight!

SWTLKR's new ep, All, was released on 8 June on Love International Records. To hear more from him, visit his Soundcloud page.