Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #99: Hidzir Junaini

Nocturnal animals

Text: Hidzir Junaini

Bandwagon Asia editor, Hidzir Junaini, selects a soundtrack for the club creatures who fight against the sunlight

You know that time of night when the line between darkness and morning becomes this magical, opaque blur? That's when I feel the most alive and awake. I consume music as a profession, but it's only during those flickering, bewitching hours that I feel the most connected to the sounds and their embracing community. I chase that dragon constantly — and I admit that most of them have come courtesy of The Council lately. Funnily enough, I'm currently deep in the midst of helping Bandwagon plan a dusk till dawn riverboat party with them, which is probably why this cloud of house and techno has permeated my thoughts so thoroughly.

Avalon Emerson's Quoi! is such a twisty, playful tune. Choice bits of vintage garage rock 'n' roll mutates into a leftfield house tour de force, and it gets me grooving every time. As you can tell, my taste for four-on-the-floor is a little off-kilter, and my undying love for Kowton has lots to do with that. Glock & Roll is the perfect example of the kind of lush, twinkling approach I gravitate to.

Jakarta's Jonathan Kusuma has quickly become my favourite producer anywhere in the world. His debut EP Gong 3000 contains a propulsive anthem called Street Siren that feels futuristic and traditional at the same time. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase by Karen Gwyer isn't as obvious as the rest on this playlist, but if you want a journey, I can't recommend one prettier than her flowing, flourishing synth-paved highway. There's a lot of new school here because of recency bias, but as long as house music exists, No Way Back will never go out of style. Adonis' Chicago house classic is effortless cool.

Hidzir Junaini is an editor at Bandwagon Asia and a freelance music/film journalist. Join him and Bandwagon as they team-up with The Council to present Sunrise On The Bandwagon Riverboat on 14 April. Book tickets here.