#SundayFunday: Vinyl shopping

#SundayFunday: Vinyl shopping

For the record

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: The Analog Vault,
Castle Rock Entertainment

Welcome The Analog Vault, your new home for vinyl

What is it with indie films and their penchant for record-shopping scenes? It seems to form the base of every promising relationship: Boy meets girl, they go on a date, and one of them says, "Want to check out my records?" — and no, "records" isn't a cheeky innuendo.

Before Sunrise

Alternatively, the duo will seek out records together and banter ensues — think: (500) Days of Summer and Before Sunrise. I'm personally a fan of the latter's vinyl-shopping scene, where Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) listen to Kath Bloom's Come Here in the listening booth. A cramped space, the warmth of a vinyl record and palpable sexual tension — what's not to like?

If you find yourself longing for that semi-charmed kind of life, don't fret — for it can be re-enacted in this present day of music streams and downloads. A new entry to the aural retail scene, The Analog Vault, brings together the minds behind Vinylicious Records, The Arkhivist and Magpie Magazines. They've curated finds from records and magazines to coffee table books, such as autographed Anne Bisson's Blue MindMiles Davis' Prestige 10" collection and the original motion picture soundtrack of Iron Man.

The Analog Vault

But what's so great about coming across a new store doesn't just lie in the listening experience you're about to take home. It's much more than that: It's about going through rows of genres and artists, heading back and forth to listening booths and immersing yourself in an experience that's all you and the music (unless you bring in a friend — cue palpable sexual tension). It's about chatting up the staff and fellow customers to find out their favourites and share recommendations, about forking out an insane amount of dollars for something you wouldn't even know you'd like, or dislike. Vinyl shopping's pretty much a social experience, an intimate #SundayFunday by yourself or with your mates — without the need to punch that 'like' button.

The Analog Vault is located at 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-13 Esplanade Mall. Open 12pm to 9pm daily.