Here is 2017's emerging music genre you should listen to

Here is 2017's emerging music genre you should listen to

Step aside, Ed Sheeran

Text: Adibah Isa

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Enter melodic power metal, Spotify's top emerging genre for 2017

Quelle surprise, Ed Sheeran is Spotify's artist of the year. He's also Spotify's most streamed male artist, with Divide being the most streamed album and 'Shape of You' topping the most streamed track chart. We get it, 2017 is the year of Ed Sheeran — according to Spotify at least. Since Divide's release back in March, we've been fed — reluctantly or otherwise — Sheeran's heartwarming words, feel-good acoustic stylings and sheepish smiles. There's even a Beyoncé duet that has broken and mended hearts all the same.

Ed Sheeran
While that's reason enough to celebrate 2017's year in music, there's another unlikely genre that's on the mainstream rise. Host to a whole other demographic of listeners, its music tells tales of fantasy worlds, medieval battles of good and evil, elves and dragons. Think: J.R.R. Tolkein meets heavy metal. Melodic power metal is Spotify's emerging genre globally, beating chaotic black metal, chillhop, trap latino and future funk in the top five. The songs under this particular genre saw the most number of streams, its popularity increasing from the year before.

A subgenre of heavy metal, melodic power metal combines elements of speed metal, neo classical metal and symphonic metal. The guitars — and often, keyboards too — concentrate on melody, with clean, high-pitched vocals that you'd recognise in traditional heavy metal or hard rock. Spotify's playlist, The Sound of Melodic Power Metal, is a good starter for getting into the genre. '80s or '90s kids will definitely recognise the similarities between the soundtracks used in anime, mythical video games or fantasy cartoons.

If you'd like to profile your own Spotify data, check out 2017 Wrapped. The music streaming service has also created a personalised playlist featuring songs from the year they'll think you love but haven't heard yet. 

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