Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #71: Soulscape

The magic within

Soulscape's festival director Theresa Shan shares a yoga playlist ahead of the mindful movement festival this weekend

Modern electronica is upbeat, providing an uplifting and motivational mood without being distracting. I chose tunes that are not so common, and without lyrics. I that feel lyrics distract the mind, because you start thinking of when was the first time you heard the tune, or an incident or emotion associated with the song, distracting you from focusing on what's going on within. 

Moon by Rrarebear has light soft melodies that help to calm the body and spirit, and to get centred before yoga movement begins. When the beat starts coming in and the tempo picks up on Dye & Awake by Tyco, it provides you with more energy and motivation to move.

I like Babe by Evenings for its nice beat with light magical tones. It's a great accompaniment to flow through yoga poses. I included Bridges by Koresma because it makes me feel happy and Our Trees Will Grow by The Townhouses for the relaxation it induces. This is where it starts to slow down. For final Savasana, Calling and Lotus by Benjy Wertheimer are perfect for grounding and aiding meditation in this pose.

Soulscape takes place on 1 October, 8am to 8pm at Tanjong Beach Club.