Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist: #33

Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist: #33

London youth

Text: Tracy Phillips

Image: Getty Images

With London Collections Men coming up, Tracy Phillips picks 10 acts under 25 who capture the capital's youthful, raw and diverse energy

Out of the four big fashion weeks, I find London's the edgiest. More experimental and playful, you feel the tangible connection to the street and club culture of the city in the labels that show and in the striking street style of attendees, compared to the more restrained classic looks at Paris or Milan. In keeping with that youthful spirit, this playlist features 10 young London-based artists under 25.

Gooey by Glass Animals was a favourite from last year. The track sounds like its title, all slinky and smooth with hilariously random lyrics that stick in your head. I caught Rudimental at Fuji Rock Festival and all 10 members embodied London's vibe, so I had to include them in this round up. I found out about Elliott Power when I inteviewed James Lavelle, and I'm looking forward to his upcoming album. Soak is a 19-year-old Irish singer-songwriter with a child-like folk track, B a noBody, which has been reworked for the dancefloor by Formation. Nimmo is a former bar band and their latest single, UnYoung, is growing on me.

I ended with Real Lies' North Circular remixed by Helix. Most of their songs are about nocturnal London and feature a style of prose rap only the Brits can do.


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