Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #54: Sherlyn Leo from Disco Hue

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Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #54: Sherlyn Leo from Disco Hue
Sherlyn Leo, lead singer of new Singapore electronic band Disco Hue shares the 10 tracks that inspired their newly released EP, Arcade

Not often are we able to share something as personal as music with others, and when we do, it really is special. Despite our varying tastes as individuals in the band — funk, electronic, pop and rock — electronic pop is where our interests align. Skipping to the second track is Olly Murs with Kiss Me. The layered synths, groovy basslines and Murs' signature catchy chorus encapsulated in an underlying retro tone is wholly satisfying and is sure to keep you hooked, like it did for me. Next is a song by s/he, a catchy electronic indie duo who are able to pull off full band shows too. A spin-off from the band Ella Riot, one of Disco Hue's main influences, Mr Hyde is so dance-worthy and addictive.

Old 45's features warm, phat synths accompanied with funky vocal lines and an epic 80s inspired guitar solo. Chromeo has been true to their retro aesthetics and sound since their formation in 2002, and have been one of my biggest influences in crafting out my sound as a musician. In Roller Coaster, Dirty Loops ensnare a deep groove with amazing arrangements — it's really what Disco Hue strives to achieve during our songwriting process. I would say that's what really makes our songs different because we have hooks that make you want to move.

Before I end it off with Daft Punk's Face To Face, Breakbot's remix of Kavinsky's Nightcall from the movie Drive was a real eye-opener for me, and was one of the tracks that started my interest in Nu-Disco. With its juxtaposition from the aggressive electropop vocoder against the soothing organic groove of disco, the seemingly opposite genres managed to exist in perfect balance. This celebration of technology and groove is something I try to draw from when playing with Disco Hue.

Disco Hue's new EP Arcade is available here on iTunes.

Text: Sherlyn Leo

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