Shaykhandbake: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #114

Shaykh it

Text: Shaykh Akbar

Image: Beng Hui Eu

Guitarist of Summer State and producer, Shaykhandbake, shares his playlist for inspiration and growth

2017 has been an interesting year for me. I found myself finally setting things in motion after a good six to seven years of practice, study, and self-discovery. I have always been looking for ways to improve and grow, so here's a playlist of songs that were an integral part in my inspiration over those years.

Nosaj Thing's 'Cold Stares' taught me maturity in sound design, metre and space. For the most part, having less makes room for more. Every time something unfortunate happens, I'll find myself humming the words to Billy Preston's 'That's the Way God Planned It.' It serves as a constant reminder to trust God and his plans for all of us, and to always do good and help one another.

Fauxe's song, 'Kelia' was such an inspiration as I am a big fan of sampling and sound manipulation. I've learnt a lot from Fauxe and he has definitely played a big part in my growth, both musically and personally. Donny Hathaway's 'A Song For You' is the song that taught me the meaning of sincerity and unconditional love. I take these little messages in songs and apply them to life and focus on being a better human-being. In my opinion, the song that brought mixing as an art-form to a whole new level is Frank Oceans' Self Control.' It breaks all the rules yet still manages to retain all that artistic integrity. This song has definitely influenced my current mixes.

Shaykh Akbar is producer Shaykhandbake, as well guitarist for the indie-rock act, The Summer State. The Summer State will play Fireball Festival in Taiwan in August, their next EP is due later this year.