All about Shawn Mendes’ latest self-titled album

All about Shawn Mendes’ latest self-titled album


Text: Rachel Chan

Image: Instagram | @shawnmendes

After two studio albums and several award wins at 19 years old, this Vine star-turned-international singer just released his third studio album

1. He announced his album through a nine-hour live stream
Leave this Canadian singer to reveal an upcoming album in one of the most creative ways possible. When Mendes was about to drop the news on his newest album in April, he hosted a nine-hour live stream on YouTube, showing a black and white video of a group of artists and florists creating something not clearly shown on screen. Towards the five-hour mark, everything turned to colour, and Mendes' album cover was finally revealed to fans in a stunning art installation at the end of the stream.

2. This album has a more mature vibe
Compared to Mendes' earlier pop-sounding tracks, Shawn Mendes contains deeper song lyrics and pushes Mendes' vocal boundaries. "I mean, technically... last year, I couldn't sing falsetto. I figured out how to the day I wrote 'Where Were You In The Morning?'. You never discover you sing falsetto again; you just do, once," he said in an interview. In his second Shawn Mendes single, 'Lost in Japan', he also showed off his falsetto skills and explored the R&B genre.

3. He collaborated with Khalid in 'Youth'
"The whole thought of my youth trying to be taken away from me [was overwhelming]. Not youth as in my age —youth as in my love, my happiness, my joy, my purity. It's not even about age; you could be 50 and your youth is there. It's in you," explained Mendes about 'Youth', a song that he collaborated on with rising American singer-songwriter, Khalid, in a tribute to last year's bombings in the United Kingdom. The duo recently performed the track during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, in honour to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that happened in February this year, where they were joined by the school's choir. "Khalid and I together... we've been friends for a couple years and we have this really, really awesome relationship and we wanted to take something that was tackling the world and I think it was just very natural with us," he added in another interview.

4. He shared about his mental health in 'In My Blood'
The 'Treat You Better' singer decided to shine a light on his anxiety in the first single off Shawn Mendes. "I knew people who had suffered from anxiety and found it kind of hard to understand, but then when it hits you, you're like, 'Oh my God, what is this? This is crazy'," he shared. He then sought help from therapy and opened up more to his friends and family in his life, where he also realised that his lyrics had to be very honest. "That song is complete truth and the best thing about it is, it's not all down. The whole reason I wrote this song was to be like, at the end, 'It's not in my blood to do that'."

5. John Mayer produced 'Like to Be You'
Not all of us have the chance to say that award-winning singer John Mayer is one of our closest friends, but Mendes sure can. He roped in Mayer, who penned a sweet profile on him for Time 100's Most Influential People of 2018, to produce the song and perform a guitar solo in it. Mendes also collaborated with American singer-songwriter Julia Michaels on the track.

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