Shane Filan sings ‘Beautiful In White’ and covers Westlife’s anthem, ‘If I Let You Go’ in Singapore

Buro Backseat

Text: Tracy Phillips

Video: Justin Chen

Back on tour with a new album, Love Always, Shane Filan tells us about life after Westlife and what Richard Marx thought of his cover

Even though it’s been six years since Shane Filan went solo, the Irishman still gets asked about Westlife every single day and we annoyingly... did the same. It's the elephant in the room, one which has sold 50 million records worldwide, spawned 14 number one singles and 26 top tens in the UK alone — so it's really more like a herd of woolly mammoths. Fortunately, we discovered that Filan loves to talk about Westlife and fully acknowledges that it's why he gets to do what he does now. Touring the world and releasing albums as a solo artist, he has three to his name. Love Always is his latest, one that has taken him back out on the road. It’s an album with covers of Filan's favourite love songs from other artists, as well as a few originals.

From covering Bryan Adam's 'Heaven' — incidentally one of Filan's favourite artists of all time — to The Bangles classic, 'Eternal Flame', it’s worth a listen for you sentimental fools. From his session in the Buro Backseat, it's clear that Filan's voice remains as pure and angelic as ever, just like how we remembered it to be. What’s even more delightful was how down to earth he is, belying what you would expect from someone who was part of one of the most successful boy bands of all time.

Shane Filan will be performing his first solo concert in Singapore at The ColiseumTM, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on 10 March.
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