Sara Wee: Buro. Singapore Festive Playlist #182

Holiday cheer

Text: Sara Wee

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Words cannot describe how much I love Christmas. I'm one of those assholes who starts posting "xx more days to Christmas" on Facebook in October. I don't get why shopping malls and supermarkets insist on playing such terrible versions of festive tunes when there are so many awesome Christmas songs out there. Hopefully, this list will introduce one or two new songs into festive playlists so we can officially retire 'Last Christmas', FOREVER.

We start with PJ Morton, a beautiful singer-songwriter who is famously known as Maroon 5's keyboardist. He breathes such new life into the most popular Christmas song of all time with such a groovy bounce that it's impossible to listen to this version of 'All I Want For Christmas' without bobbing your head and making a stank face. If the music doesn't convince you that you're having a great Christmas, Stokley's voice will send you right to the North Pole so you can sit in Santa's lap and wish for your own personal Stokley to sing you to sleep.

I grew up listening to the Beatles almost every single day and my life was complete when I made the trip to Perth to watch Paul McCartney live in concert earlier this year. Knowing that he's still making music till today makes me so happy, and this version of his festive hit 'Wonderful Christmas Time' with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots is so cute and puts such a big smile on my face. It's not Christmas without an a capella version of a song, and I honestly believe that Take 6 can make anything sound magical, even 'Baby Shark'. This jazzy vocal arrangement of 'Sleigh Ride' complete with sleigh bells makes for a nice setting at a house gathering with friends and family.

Big band music and Christmas go together like Ernie and Bert. Seth McFarlane, the creator and the man behind many of the voices on Family Guy, is actually an incredible singer. Whenever Brian (the dog) and Stewie (the baby) break into a song, that's Seth singing both their parts in their characters' voices. Joining him is Sara Bareilles, one of my favourite singers of all time. 'Baby It's Cold Outside' treads a thin line between 'super romantic dude who just wants more time with his lady' and 'creepy dude who can't let go of lady who wants out', but it's still such a good song anyway. Alvin (my bandmate) and I were first introduced to The Weepies by one of the coolest couples we've ever had the honour of being wedding singers for. Deb Talan's can sing the phone book and I'd listen attentively to every single one of the 50,000 "Lim" and "Tan" names she'd have to go through. I was hooked the moment I heard their songs and I knew that 'All That I Want' was a must-have on my Christmas playlist. 

Hope you enjoy my playlist and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Sara is the frontwoman of local cover band 53A and a yoga instructor at The Yoga Mandala. Catch 53A live every Tuesday and Friday at Timbre at The Substation and Wednesday at Wheeler's Estate.

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