Going to the Sam Smith concert in Singapore?

Going to the Sam Smith concert in Singapore?

Latch on

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Midas Promotions

Before you check out Sam Smith in Singapore on 2 October, check out 5 of his best live performances

1. When he knew when the hotline bling

Remember when we all wanted to dance like Drake? Sam Smith jumped on the 'Hotline Bling' bandwagon when the song exploded, taking an electronic spin with close collaborators Disclosure. 

2. When he went crazy over Fifth Harmony

One of James Corden's memorable Carpool Karaoke moments, the 'Too Good For Goodbyes' singer went insane when Corden surprised him with guests stars Fifth Harmony. You can bet that if Smith ever ends up working from home, he'll do it with four other harmonisers.

3. When he became a wedding singer for a day

What's better than getting married to your best friend? Having someone like Smith belt out his blues. Sure, his songs aren't the most awe-inspiring or celebratory, but with that much soul encased within an endearing and smooth package, we can't complain.

4. When he gave 'Latch' an acoustic treatment

Thanks to Disclosure's huge hit, the world was introduced to the relative unknown. While 'Latch' is that one song for make-out sessions and evenings of intoxication with your best mates, this pared-back version is one that made us appreciate Smith a little bit more.

5. When all you wanted to do was cry

One of Smith's earlier hits, this special performance of 'Lay Me Down' was taped at the Apollo Theater, putting Smith's vocals on full display. He's definitely a singer who sounds even better live — so when Midas Promotions decide to release concert tickets, make sure you have multiple devices handy.

Sam Smith performs in Singapore on 2 October at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Stay tuned to Midas Promotions for ticket details.