Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #73: Sam Rui

Better than ever

Text: Sam Rui

Up-and-coming contemporary r&b music artist Sam Rui shares a playlist of her female music heroes

I started off wanting to do a playlist of all my influences, but that list would've been two days long so i narrowed it down to just girls. I do contemporary r&b but I draw inspiration from old school r&b, some jazz, some rappers, so that's what I put here in one place; just good stuff across the times, across genres. 

I had to do include Jojo's Too Little Too Late because it was my introduction to r&b. I first heard it back on MTV as a kid and fell in love. I can't believe how young she was then to be making music that good, and to be able to do vocal runs like that. I looked up to her and still do. It's still one of my favourite break up songs today.

Doja Cat is a total badass, and I love her rap tone. Her song Beautiful is about her unabashedly saying how fine she looks that night which I find amusing and also empowering. The combination of melodic hooks and the mellow drawl of her rap songs make for such rich dynamics in her songs, which is why I love them.

The Roots are a band of guys, but I couldn't make a playlist of my female influences and not put in Erykah Badu's track You Got Me featuring The Roots. I feel like with a lot of contemporary songs the movement is very active, like melody-wise the hooks are always catchy, punchy, obvious. This song goes completely against that formula - it sort of stays in one place and hums along there, but it's still sooo good, like going on a cruise. The combination of her voice, The Roots' instrumentals and the simplicity of the lyrics, so beautiful.

Kehlani's song Alive, featuring Coucheron is my go-to feel-good song. Kehlani is probably one of, if not my favourite female artist at the moment. I feel she can do no wrong with her songs. Her lyrics are so hard-hitting but never cheesy, her voice is magic, her writing style is so distinct but never repetitive. I like listening to this song while walking around on my own with wind blowing through my hair and the sun on my face and I feel so empowered. Finally, Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse because she is a goddess. 

Watch Sam Rui's video for her first single, Better, off her upcoming debut EP coming out in early 2017. You can also listen to her here