Sam Driscoll: Buro. Singapore Dawn to Dusk Playlist #202

Living to the beat

Text: Sam Driscoll

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Whether you're cruising down the highway singing boyband tunes at 2am or holding on for dear life in a crowded MRT during golden hour, music undeniably provides an escape when you're on the move. Here's a playlist that captures each moment of the day, from dawn to dusk. 

I get into the car, the engine comes to life with a roar, I adjust my seat and before I'm set into motion, "Montezuma" by The Fleet Foxes starts playing through the speakers. The song starts with a lonesome electric guitar, with Robin Pecknold's vocals and harmonies joining in shortly after. There's nothing like a song about questioning your own existence to start the day. 

Fast-forward to the afternoon with azure skies and a long drive ahead of me, "Re:stacks" by Bon Iver always provides me with a sense of comfort and hope, with Justin Vernon's haunting lyrics painting a vivid picture of his depression and anxiety, but ultimately of a new chapter in life filled with hope. 

Work ends and I'm rushing off to make it home before rush hour hits, golden hour is upon me and "Helplessness Blues" by The Fleet Foxes plays, invoking a sense of great nostalgia in me. Back in my army days, I played this song whenever sunset bled into my bunk and it helped me get through it. 

Twilight passes, night arrives and the roads are quiet. It's time to call it a day, literally. "Call It a Day" was released in early 2019 as part of the first volume of my album, which is a pretty apt way to end a long day of work. Otherwise, I'd play "In Your Atmosphere" by John Mayer, one of my favourite songs of all time. The way the song is played on the guitar and the direction is absolutely breathtaking. A driving reference in the lyrics doesn't hurt as well. I'd say that's not a bad way to end the day.

Sam Driscoll is a singer/songwriter who first found internet fame as the "angmoh" on YouTube talking about Singaporean culture. He slowly moved from comedy to music, recording covers on YouTube and dabbling in writing original material. 'Call It A Day' is his debut album and it will be launched in parts throughout 2019. The album will consist of 13 songs drawing inspiration from many genres of music; such as Blues, Rock and Funk.

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