Rosie Gregory: Buro. Singapore Pilates Playlist #189

Pump it up

Text: Rosie Gregory

Editor: Tracy Phillips

Music is absolutely key in movement classes as it helps people get out of their mind, so they can connect their body to the beat. Through music, they become in tune with their body and its own sounds  the breath and their heartbeat  and then sync to the external rhythm of the energy and vibe. It helps them to detach from the internal dialogue that will surely begin once their heart rate lifts or the burn becomes real in some pilates series, and brings them into the present moment  a true mindful movement practice!

Coming from a dance background, I tend to program my playlists to match the flow of the class. I'm very driven by the beat  I intrinsically move and teach to the count of the music and end up getting a little wrapped up in the rhythm, which influences the dynamic energy of my sessions. I also wanted this playlist to reflect the laidback atmosphere at The Sanchaya since it will be used during my time there. I tried to mirror the estate's relaxed and vibrant energy. This playlist reflects many of my all-time faves and classics. It's an eclectic mix from my travels, memories of festivals, music that I listened to growing up, remixes that remind me of a holiday, or just a song that makes me want to get up and dance. That's the type of energy I want to bring to my classes  uplifting, energising, positive and powerful.

'ID Ultra Music Festival Anthem' by Kygo is my go-to warm-up track. I love the soft build  it allows time for the mind to begin connecting between movement and breath. There's also a sense of anticipation as it builds  you're preparing yourself for the workout ahead!

Anderson Paak's dance beats always transport me to hot summer days. He was incredible at Laneway last year. His track, 'Dang' instantly lifts the energy of the space.

I wanted to opt for Chance The Rapper's 'Work Out' because of its relevance, but 'All Night' is a tune that really gets me going, regardless of the phase of class I'm are in. Seeing Chance in Singapore was a real highlight for me last year  the crowd was absolutely loved his energy and I love bringing that groove into class.

Teyana Taylor is body goals for everyone and it makes everyone push a little bit harder when they hear Kanye's classic, 'Fade'. It always drops in towards the mid-way point of the class, when they need to dig a bit deeper to keep on going!

The smooth vocals and rich sounds of Moss Kena's cover of 'These Walls', one of my all-time Kendrick Lamar tunes is a fave to wind down the class and enter into a calm, deep and restorative relaxation that wraps up all of my sessions. As the body begins to relax, endorphins are flowing and a sense of space enters the mind.

Rosie Gregory is a Pilates Specialist/Holistic Personal Trainer, who will be doing a residency at The Sanchaya from 7 January to 14 January 2019. During her time at The Sanchaya, Rosie will focus on a mixture of Pilates, Sculpt Method, full body sessions and stretching classes, with morning sessions focusing on HIIT and full body workouts and afternoons dedicated to stretching and breathing. All classes will be complimentary for in-house residents. To find out more visit The Sanchaya.