Rizibё: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #118

Sketching in song

Text: Rizibё

Visual artist, Rizibё, shares a playlist that is setting the narrative of his next art show, 'Psychic Jungle'

Speaking in tentatives, 'Psychic Jungle' is about a motley bunch of tragi-comic characters checking into a fictitious tropical rainforest retreat, but have no idea what they are getting themselves into as they stumble along their journey to self-actualisation. Typically when making playlists, I tend to choose songs based on their respective quirks and what their attributes can auto-suggest, while paying attention to the narrative at hand. Aside from the scene-setting mood, what I like most about the tracks on this playlist are the cacophonous layers of raw, natural beats or instrumentations, the varying interpretations of spatiality and rhythm, as well as harmonies bordering on non-apologetic. At this point, I have no idea what the final pieces are going to look like but I like where the playlist is pointing to — cinematic noir, visceral, and downright indulgent. Feels like there's something cooking deep in a jungle somewhere.

I generally think that good covers are another excuse for us to fall in love again with said songs and I always look forward to finding new ones. I appreciate Cassandra Wilson's version of 'Harvest Moon' for the way it's been recomposed to become quietly slow yet like the original, with an ability to take you out slow dancing under the moonlit sky... ideally, in a tropical rainforest. I'm just amazed by Karl Blau's prolonged, poignant, full-layered rendition of Link Wray's 'Fallin Rain'. To me, it makes a beautiful accompaniment to the first track as they set up the scene. 

I'm a fan of Superpitcher — whatever he does or whoever he does it with. This long-player, 'Howl', is amongst the many from his new album Golden Ravedays, which he has been intermittently releasing this year. I love the no-holds barred attitude of this track and its measure of indulgence, yet I still cannot get enough of the beats and comical howling. Suddenly, the moon becomes a possible motif.

I've never understood why we are drawn to certain songs more than others and I've stopped asking why, but it's probably because there are bits in those songs that resonate within us. Despite the upbeat, positive tempo of Benoit & Sergio's 'What I've Lost' and Joe Goddard's 'Electric Lines', upon close listening, the lyrics reveal a form of existential fatigue and that sense of being at the crossroads of life — which I consider to be a heart-rendering yet charming juxtaposition. It makes me think about the mental make-up of the characters in my story.    

Rizibё's visual arts exhibition, 'Psychic Jungle', features paintings, drawings and prints, and is set to debut in early 2018. Follow him on Instagram.