Richard Letch: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #128

Suggestive listening

Text: Richard Letch

Richard Letch — General manager for Luxe and Bar Piccolo — lets us in on his sexy slow Sunday jams

What started as a playlist for our new outdoor terrace bar, Bar Piccolo, morphed into what I've dubbed "sexy slow Sundays": Deep, laid-back, soulful sounds, and yes, some overtly sexy lyrics. Just the cure for a lazy, slow Sunday afternoon after a hectic week at work. Sunday is the perfect day for me, especially as the afternoon sun goes down and the evening sets in. 

I love Frank Ocean's 'Novacane' for its sexiness — the rhythmic beats, hazy synths, and for what the song's about: Drug-fuelled sex. It's an ode to escapism — "doing porn to get by" — and that feeling of isolation. I also just love Frank Ocean. He's a master as producer and singer/songwriter; so damn talented.

This rhythmic groove (thanks to a collaboration with Lenny Kravitz) of Madonna's 'Justify My Love" just oozes sex. Madonna's husky voice delivers the song's message over the driving beat, talking of wanting, needing, and desiring. I was only 10 when this came out, but it's message was never lost on me, and still resonates today. Her exploration of sex was ground-breaking, and allowed a generation of young gay men to express themselves.

Röyksopp & Robyn's 'Monument' is a downtempo, minimalist, driving, almost ethereal track — the sexy saxophone comes through to deliver some earthiness, but eventually tapers off into emptiness. And I love the way Robyn's voice straddles that perfect mix of childlike innocence with a sexy authority. Fleetwood Mac 'Sara' starts with a simple piano riff, and builds into a full driving rock ballad. This is the end of '70s rock and the start of synth pop and new wave romanticism... some of this comes through in this track, but it's Stevie Nicks' husky, sexy voice that gets me every time.

I love everything about The Weeknd — his music, his style, his look, his songwriting. 'I Feel It Coming' is perfectly accentuated by some electro beats by Daft Punk. The song is all about falling in love and getting it on. How could you say no to The Weeknd?!

Richard Letch is General Manager of Luxe and Bar Piccolo, Singapore's first Aperol Spritz terrace bar, located just next door and upstairs from Luxe. Start your night on Keong Saik, aperitivo style.