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Publico's events curator Marika Nikolaidis shares her Friday night playlist for the group

I'm a firm believer that good music should always be played loud and proud! Ever since I was a teenager, I've revelled in flicking through the latest hits to find my next favourite track, and friends often ask me to take control of the playlist at parties. As the curator at Publico, part of my job — arguably my favourite part — is managing playlists across the venues to make sure that they fit the atmosphere.

Every Friday, I update a handful of songs into our special weekend list to ensure it's always fresh and exciting —particularly for our team, who listens to it every week! All of the playlists I create are meticulously put together in order. I never shuffle. These songs are the most recent additions, and I love the artists behind them. The 10 songs represent how the night starts, flows and peaks. My favourite feeling is the anticipation in the air on a Friday. So, with this playlist I say "TFIF" and let's start the weekend! 

There are metaphors, and then there's Sofi Tukker. I get deep into the insane poetry of all of their tracks, but one from 'Benadryl' particularly resonates: "I lost my sanity with my socks, one at a time, I barely noticed, 'Til one day I found they all were gone, I couldn't find them and I couldn't focus" Who can't connect with that feeling?Peggy Gou's 'It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)' is a nu-disco track with a little bit of everything I like. It's a track that can be played any time of day and the kooky beat is just so relevant! She sings it in Korean and I (try to) sing along. Gou is also a little bit of everything I like: Artist, musician, fashion muse, creature of the world. 

I couldn't create a list without my fellow Aussies making an appearance. I am inspired by Triple J, the Australia radio station I listen to every morning and often find dope tracks like this one. 'Survival in the City' by Client Liasion is reminiscent of living in Singapore, and eerily on point to life here as an expat! Now we flip to the other half of me, the Greek half.  My husband and I operate a "radio over TV" household, and each night we listen to a Mykonos Radio Station called Venus Radio. That's where I discovered Valeron. He's a Greek producer who creates melodic electronic sounds weaved with ancient instruments. Many of Valeron's tracks are heavenly, but 'Dessert Dream' is the OG, and it takes my mind back to high summer sunsets at Scorpios in Mykonos.

Mahmut Orhan is a rising star Turkish DJ and producer. He has performed live all over southern Europe this summer, but I've yet to catch him! I enjoy waking up on weekend mornings to see the Instagram stories of his gigs from the night before. '6 Days' is the first of his songs to hit the international charts. The nouveau mix of vintage lyrics, Arabic instrumentals and a giant drop makes this the ultimate party track!

Marika Nikolaidis is the events curator at PUBLICO, where she merges her natural creative flair and love of the hospitality industry. Located in the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, PUBLICO is a multi-faceted Italian gourmet playground consisting of Publico Ristorante, Publico Deli and Marcello - Singapore's first Italian craft cocktail bar.

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