Polina Korobova: Buro. Singapore Playlist #188

Glitter queen

Text: Polina Korobova

Editor: Tracy Phillips

When I was creating this playlist, I thought about music that makes me feel good and confident. Apart from having a full-time job, I occasionally perform. I happen to be known as GlitterQueen, and despite looking like I own every single moment of my performance, I feel anxious every time I have to present myself this way to the audience. I never know what kind of reaction I will get, and to be honest, I'm also stressed out about barely wearing anything!

No matter what mood I'm in, Biggie (The Notorious B.I.G ) always makes me want to groove. How can I resist feeling like a badass when I hear his lyrics in 'Big Poppa'. Recently, I watched a documentary called Northern Disco Lights that was about a group of teenagers from a remote Norwegian town called Tromsø. One of those teenagers is Bjørn Torske and I listen to his tracks like 'Linb Fu' daily.

When I moved to Singapore, I wasn't familiar with the music scene until I started finding out more about the industry. I will never forget when I saw .gif perform their track 'Money' for the first time on my 20th birthday in a warehouse in Geylang.

'Raingurl' by Yaeji  is a song that screams "get up and go go go", somehow it sounds like hustle in a big city. Any feel-good playlist should make you feel like Superman, like the track of the same name by Deluxe, Taiwan MC & Plex Rock.

Polina Korobova organises events by day, a performer-artist by night and a teacher on the weekends. She has performs as her alter-ego GlitterQueen at different festivals like Neon Lights and Art After Dark. See her perform for the opening of 'Devices: Solo exhibition by Chris Chong Chan Fui' at Chan+Hori Contemporary on 23 January 2019.