Buro 24/7 Singapore Weekly Playlist #90: Perk Pietrek

Weird cool

Text: Perk Pietrek

22-year-old DJ and producer Perk Pietrek shares the weird yet catchy tracks that have helped shape his tastes as a musician

I think it's in my nature to always find unique sounds and flip them into something catchy — be it as a turntablist when I first started out at 13, to playing in clubs and now as a DJ/Producer. I love trying to make the weird sound cool, and this playlist is all about that. 

Find You is hands down one of my favorite tracks I've produced now because there's just so much of me in it. It started off as a love song, and I probably went through five to six different versions of drops before finally settling for this really weird switch up drop that gets me all the time. RL Grime's Core felt like a calling to me when it first came out. I loved how he created such a powerful song with the use of a simple vocal sounding synth. This Great Dane remix of Core brings new life to it. 

GTA's Contract is another track that caught my ears with its vocal chops. It's weird, yet super catchy. Listening to this track at any point of time makes you feel like you're about to conquer the whole world and I think that's a good thing. Valentino Khan's Make Some Noise is one of my go-to tracks whenever I'm playing out. I throw this whenever I feel that the crowd is ready for some next level energy bouncing. Wiwek & Moski's Masta feels like an entire journey into a jungle — exciting, totally out of the zone but you'd want to join in because it's so different. It's the perfect track for a pre-show ritual to get hyped up.

Perk Pietrek's new single Find You ft. Faheem is out now on UZ's record label Quality Goods Record. Purchase it on iTunes or stream it here