Oliver Osborne: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #144

Party first

Text: Oliver Osborne

DJ and producer Oliver Osborne gives a taste of what he's playing and listening to ahead of his upcoming gigs in Hong Kong and at Kilo Lounge

I had a pretty profound lightbulb moment in Kuala Lumpur a couple of months ago when I went up to see Seth Troxler at Kyo. He was all over the house and techno map, combining very straight melodic kitch techno with disco, no-nonsense party tech house, minimal and more. His mind wasn't on being an artist, it was on rocking a party. And that he did. It really gave me a lot of confidence to be more eclectic with my sets.

In a way, I get to be super self-serving and put the party first. This playlist is a selection of tracks that I have either been playing recently, or have been listening to and drawing influence from —whether it is the searing expansion and compression of The Box, or the poetry and rhythm of Good Mourning. With house music being an amalgam of lots of different influences, I feel that it's essential to have broad influences myself, and I challenge myself to cast my musical net as far and wide as possible.

Kincaid has got such a good touch.  The way he works his percussion like on Quatri's 'Into The Oblivion (Kincaid Remix)' is so cool, and his stuff always has such a rich melodic feel without ever being too much. One to watch for sure. Nuendo has steadily been representing for the minimal end of the tech house scene from his home town of Sydney, Australia. 'Sahara' is a proper sunrise melodic eyebrow raiser.

The Hundred in the Hands track, 'Pigeons (Blawans Bare Bones Remix)', has been getting a lot of airtime from me recently.  It seems to work in so many scenarios. The broken beat catches people by surprise, and the fluttering baseline reminds me of old jungle tracks. Argy's 'Love Dose (Luciano Remix)' reminds me of when I fell in love with minimal tech.  This track and many others like it relied more on weirdness and originality than they did on heavyweight production value to get people moving.

I listen to Avishai Cohen all the time.  His swing, and innate sense of melody is transcendent. I feel like I could make a dozen tracks out of 'Remembering' alone. Like the great classical composers, he is able to conjure depths of emotion through purely instrumental music.

Oliver Osborne has upcoming releases on Bonanza Records, Soul De Anima, Dolce Music and his own imprint ETTF Music. Catch him spin at Kilo Lounge on 24 February and 1 March alongside Damian Saint and Jonny Vicious respectively.