Noh Salleh: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #113

Mellow rain

Text: Noh Salleh

Lead singer of Malaysian rock band, Hujan and solo artist, Noh Salleh, shares a playlist of songs and artists who have influenced his songwriting

My playlist usually has hundreds of songs because I listen to all sorts of stuff so this is pretty much a mix of recent songs I've been listening to. Songs that have been a huge inspiration, impacted my writing skills and made me reflect more about life. There are a few artistes in the playlist who have really shaped me to be who I am today in the music context.

Indonesian band Sore is one of my favourites. For my solo project they have been my main reference when it comes to writing and Mondo Gascaro too, with him being one of the band members. "My Way" by Frank Sinatra is personal to me. Seriously I don't really understand what the lyrics mean, but I was caught by the melody and the arrangement. I often cry when I listen to the song, it always triggers this visual of my Dad working day and night just to make sure that we are well fed, to provide us a proper house to live in and a good education. But I didn't follow what he wanted of me (to be in the oil and gas industry) and ended up being a singer. That's how seriously the song affects me.

Mustach and Beard from Bandung and their track, 'Senyum Membawa Pesan' are a recent discovery from a few months ago and man, those boys are freaking talented and so young at only 21 years of age! I think it's an AGE factor that I'm more into mellow songs now. I think they have really mastered the art of building dynamics with minimal instruments and focusing more on melodies, lyrics and feels. I think you should sit down, relax, smoke and feel the song, the vibe is insanely relaxing! Why is there suddenly Nujabes 'Whose Theme' in the list? I'm a big fan of hip hop and that song really got me hooked with sampling hip hop beats. It's a soundtrack for Japanese anime, Samurai Champloo and since I'm a huge fan of Japanese sub culture, listening to Japanese artistes is really inspiring. They can make everything and turn it Japanese. Japanese Punk rock, Japanese Big Band, hip hop or whatever there will be a sign that makes you say " wah, very Japanese ah this song."  

Noh Salleh performed at Rainforest Fringe Festival in Kuching on 9 July and his album, Renjana, will be released in Indonesia in early August.