Nicolaas Black: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #166


Text: Nicolaas Black

Ahead of his new release, Los Angeles-based producer Nicolaas Black shares the tracks that have impacted him in 2018

As our lives unfold, each step and move we make creates our story. With each person we meet and whose lives we witness, our world expands as well as our understanding of ourselves and each other. Each unique experience leaves a piece of itself with us and changes us, for better or for worse.

My hope is for a deep, beautiful arc. Though my focus these days as a veteran producer, artist and DJ is mostly on electronic music, the intent is to take discerning minds on a journey. This hopefully leaves you in a different place at the end, or with a subtle seed of something sublime and something you found along the way.  Perhaps it's a sense of magic; maybe a feeling of hope, or even a bit of joy... or a reflection of darkness and a dive into the unknown.

I started with Bonobo's 'Kerala' because it's a clever piece of work — he samples a well-known R&B song but manipulates it to resemble an ethnic chant. Dope and lovely. I love Fourtet's 'LA Trance' and Youandewan's '1988' as they both have a light touch that always leaves me feeling happier. Jons Hopkins... need anything more be said? Everything this man touches is just pure beauty, like 'Sun Harmonics'.

I absolutely had to include the Nils Frahm composition, 'Life Story', because his concert this year changed my life. Because music should not be about genres, I ended by exiting electronic music-land. Sigur Ros's 'Sven-g-englar' is a gorgeous rock recording, as is the older, not very well-known psychedelic song, 'Freedom Flight' by '60s guitar prodigy, Shuggie Otis.

Nicolaas Black Voight Kampff EP is releasing this week on Minimal Sessions Los Angeles. A foray into darker sounds, Soon after in the Fall will be a full length LP titled 'Chrysalis', exploring a full range of underground dancefloor flavours. 

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