Nic Shields: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #125

A tale of two cities

Text: Nic Shields

Music director of 98.7fm, Nic Shields, shares his go-to Australian and Singaporean selections

I spend my day trawling through pop song after pop song. I'm supposed to be known as the person who loves music and I truly do, but when I get home after a long day of reviewing the latest in pop culture, all I want to do is listen to something down tempo, detached from the pop and commercial music machine. I'm a sucker for anything lyrically and sonically intriguing, I often don't listen to much outside of the office unless it's the music I grew up listening to or something completely different to what I hear during the 9 to 5.

I've put together a few of my favourite Aussie acts at the moment and a couple of my favourite Singapore acts. I was never a lover of Australian music, however I've grown to love the music of my birth country as much as I have in my home country. 'Need You Now' by Dean Lewis is probably one of the most commercial songs on this playlist — I do like his raw and honest writing. The production is relatively simple and brings me back to a time when I was on a roadtrip down the east coast of Australia. It is all things summer. A catchy hook, relaxed beat and easily digestible.

Amy Shark has to be one of my favourite acts at the moment. I discovered her on a radio station last year and since then, she's blown up and gained some commercial success. She's even on next year's Laneway line up! 'Weekends' is about waiting to finish your crappy job and then hang out with your someone special on the weekend. I mean, don't we all wish that we could relive those carefree days again? '20,000' is possibly the most mature sound from Sam Rui, I love this song so much. It has such a sense of calm that just pours over me every single time I listen to it. Anxiety levels reduce by 90% upon every listen.

'83 Days' hits a little hard at the heartstrings, it's the track Wafia wrote about the absence of a partner that she was no longer with. After feeling the void of it all, she notes how intangible the memories are and how something that doesn't exist anymore can still be felt. It's a situation I'm sure many of us have been through before. Despite the relatable lyrics, it's just a nice song to listen to. I just couldn't not include Ffion's 'Rumours' in this playlist. Basically it's for the "so fuck you" in the song. It's just such a polite tune until the bluntness of that line comes in. I just relate on all levels.

Nic Shields is Music Director for Singapore's Top 40 Radio station and takes photos in his spare time.