Neon Tiger: Buro 24/7 Singapore Playlist #115

Summer lovin'

Text: Neon Tiger

US-based DJ and producer, Neon Tiger, shares his summer playlist that inspired his latest single of the same name

I have a large playlist of songs that I keep on rotation either because they are just nice to listen to, or are creatively brilliant.  This summer playlist is named for a single I just released, and the songs on it give off great summery vibes. I selected two of my own songs, 'Summer' and 'Neon Rose'as they are singles I have just released and will be on my album, Paperback Sunset, out on 4 August. As with the album, they are influenced by '80s disco and retro with modern touches. 'Summer' is the first song I've released with me singing lead vocals so I guess that's kind of cool too!

'Shelter' by Porter and Madeon was like an electronic music nerd-ville explosion when they released it. Two young, brilliant minds combine for such a catchy, musically smart and uplifting track. I love this both for its creativity and for potential to go on repeat. Oliver are a group from LA who I love. They kind of sit in a similar realm to me of trying to create '80s vibes with modern flair. They teamed up with De La Soul for this track and it's so good. It's a great mix of the male rap, female (almost child-like) vocal and vocoder.  It's funk magic.

Stuart Price (a.k.a. Thin White Duke/Jacques Lu Cont/Paper Faces and a bunch of other names) has created countless anthems. This remix of 'What Else Is There' by Röyksopp is old, but it still stands up today as a brilliant track. He's also been responsible for a bunch of singles you've heard on commercial radio by Madonna, Diddy and Pet Shop Boys. Lana Del Rey is, for me, hands down the best female voice going round. I could pick any one of her tracks and it'd be worthy, from a vocal performance point of view, of being on this top 10. 'Love' is her recent single that I really like. Great vibes!

Neon Tiger is the a new indie-electronic/ pop project from Australian DJ and producer Maarcos. 'Summer' is his newest release from his upcoming album, Paperback Sunset.