Neon Lights 2016: Best behind-the-scenes fun

Neon Lights 2016: Best behind-the-scenes fun

Thanks for the memories

Text: Adibah Isa

Neon Lights returned last weekend uniting revellers with music, arts and good times at Fort Canning Park. Here's what you might have missed

1. We all believed local
In what was a promising signal to the regional market, Neon Lights featured a host of local acts serving up some Singapore goodness: Disco Hue, Linying, Gentle Bones, .gif, Cashew Chemists. The lucky duckies from .gif even got a chance to cosy up to George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. Jealous!

Instagram | @dotgifdotgif can't believe these legends asked *us* for CDs and a photo right after our set. they were whooping and dancing sidestage from start to finish got @timdecotta & @teojiarong to thank for that! WHAT IS THIS LIFE #georgeclintonandparliamentfunkadelic #nuts #legends @kiat_sg @syndicatesg

Instagram | @discohue @neonlightsfestivalsg you were kind to us, the heavens opened up for us and the rain LITERALLY stopped during our set. Thank you one and all for braving the weather, we'll see you next time! @rrphl #neonlights2016 #fortcanning #rainorshine

Instagram | @benghui @kamiyukaji of @cashewchemists sharing a lighthearted moment with Rush!  #NeonLights #collab #newsong #huehuehue  333/366

2. When it rained, it poured
Barely into the late afternoon on day one, Singapore's monsoon season started bearing gifts. True to the festival spirit, the rain didn't dampen the mood, though it did soak one too many unprepared punters. While Vetements' raingear weren't spotted, there were some pretty amusing cover-ups. Even synthpop favourites Chairlight were geared up.

Instagram | @shanicekohyt Never felt more glorious looking like a dancing trashbag in the rain (and mud), to Foals and Shura especially. Also, could not have asked for a better squad for #NeonLightsSG over the weekend! #neonlights2016

Instagram | @mmedikars Orangutan look straight into your soul

Instagram | @chairlifted Always wear protection

3. Hair and makeup looks weren't offensive nor extravagant 
All for the better, of course. Opting for understated festive looks (highlighted, glowing skin and face paint reserved around the eyes) and sweat-friendly hair (top knots and braided bangs), style took on a less-is-more approach. The same couldn't be said about performer Becca D'Bus though, but we're all for it.

Instagram | @smellybellyme When there's good lighting and weather. You gotta snap a selfie. #neonlights 

Instagram | @maddymonalisa When you are not tall enough. You just need to have a phone, selfie-stick & lumee!

Instagram | @beccadbus Primary colours! going up at Club Minky at Neon Lights at 9.40, between Yuna and Sigur Ros. COME!!!

4. Neon Nooks confused a lot of people
To get to Fort Gate from Fort Green and vice versa, you would have to walk past Neon Nooks, a space beside the Fort Canning Arts Centre. Performance artists Daniela Beltrani, Ezzam Rahman and Sophia Natasha Wei piqued the interests of  passers-by, who saw Ezzam smearing black paint on his mouth and then on the wall.

Instagram | @hyphenartssg Ezzam Rahman performing as part of Neon Nooks #neonlightssg

Instagram | @nathanlukes There is always one #neonlights #nochill #gohomeyourdrunk #nanging #art #singapore #instagood #crapsuperpowers #neonlightssg

5. There were many interesting backdrops for photo opportunities
Visual arts were also seen around Fort Gate, with graffiti and multimedia artists doing their thing.

Instagram |@ ninacutting NEON LIGHTS FESTIVAL

Instagram | @slacsatu Paint 'em fast & furiously. Rainy day at @neonlightsfestivalsg Day 1 event.

6. The messier the food, the better it gets
Reinforcements came in the form of festival-friendly grub from the folks of 
Red Baron, Wilder, Two Bakers, Limehouse, Popaganda, The Lab, Myra's as well as The Refinery.

Instagram | @jasminehow #festivalstaple awesome dawgs @therefinerysg

Instagram | @raveenshahdadpuri Irish Whiskey tasting session

7. Important lists were handed out
First come, first serve: Front row revellers managed to get their hands on some of the setlists, a must for any music lover's wall. 

Instagram | @adrian_d_egg I waited for years to see Sigur Rós live. It finally happened and it literally blew my mind. The setlist. #sigurros #neonlights #musicandmud

Instagram | @shahrul_pedal Thank you @yunamusic .. At least i got something from Neon Lights Festival, Singapore You are awesome

Instagram | @tricily BEHOLD THE FOALS SET LIST (not mine sadly, Steph whom I was hanging out with was lucky enough to get this!!!) Foals was AMAZING.   

8. Spoken word gets a new home
The Rocking Horse was home to a lineup of Singapore's most opinionated wordsmiths the likes of Ng Yi-Sheng, Shak, Deborah Emmanuel and Stephanie Dogfoot.

Instagram | @stephdogfoot @deborahemmanuel being a professional badass in her spoken word show Interstates at #neonlights

Instagram | @yishkabob Watching @StephDogfoot at the Rocking Horse as part of the #neonlightsfestival now! I'm on at 1850 with Kok Wei Liang!

Instagram | @stephdogfoot @shakshantig at the rocking horse tent! #neonlights

9. "Wet and wild" was the order of the weekend
While it barely drizzled on the second day, the weather from the first downpours brought Glastonbury-like vibes. 

Instagram | @curlsandmints Things got real muddy last night but it was so worth it. #ripboots #anythingforsigurros #neonlights #neonlightsfestival

Instagram | @singfoodie It was a muddy old day for a festival in Singapore yesterday!  #singapore #remindsmeofglastonbury #muddy #funinthemud #music #neonlights #singaporefoodie #happydays

Instagram | @wweishh post-show clean up: sooper therapeutic. thanks for the pretty shoes,!

10. Everyone was there to really see Sigur Rós
Undoubtedly the highlight of Neon Lights, the headliners didn't disappoint with a stellar show of ethereal lights and sounds that united us in music. 

Instagram | @soryimlate Cheers

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